Below are the best bands I have been introduced to so far. In most cases (NIN) I doubt I will ever find a better band! This is just some brief info for now so you can get an idea of what I listen to. I will not be giving any background info or Updates on any bands as there are many far better sites that already take care of that. These are just my personal preferences and I encourage everyone who hasn't already done so to give them a listen.

NIN is by far my favorite band. I love the music style and the creation of music through the use of noise. Trent has inspired me to try and create my own music even though I can't play any instruments. I rely completely on the computer. But, I digress.... Trent has used many personal experiences as the basis for his lyrics and so his songs contain more feeling and emotion then most bands these days. A lot of people can relate to the thngs he sings about and are really happy to hear someone else expressing their exact feelings for them. Trent has acquired a large group of devoted fans as well as some pshycotics, but I suppose that is to be expected when you write about such dark and personal things. In my opnion everyone should listen to NIN, at least give the music a chance because I garuntee you will find at least one song you like and can identify with.

Marilyn Manson, one of the most controversial bands of our time. I personaly love the music! I don't agree with everything the band stands for and believes in but I don't think anyone believes absolutely everything that a band has to say. They are a band to write entertaining music and that is why I listen to them. They also have a definite message, which can be interpreted many different ways by all listeners. If you hear Satanic Worship then that's what the music is to you. I don't mind if someone listens to them and doesn't like them but there are too many people that judge the band and the fans without giving the music a chance or hearing why the fans like them.

Pig is a great band, especially live! All music is written by Ray Watts from KMFDM fame. Unforunatly their albums are a little hard to find here in North America and while you can order them on the net, you need money to do so. Why is that? So, thus far I have only two Pig albums, Wrecked and Praise The Lard. I would also reccomend Sinsation, hence my name! >;-)

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