Your Soul has been Raped times.

Welcome to a piece of my world. I am Sinzation, and I am ruler of my world and all who dwell here. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us and decide to come back and visit often. Within you will be taken to new levels of pain and torture all in a vain attempt of self discovery. You will experience feelings never before imaginable. You will be introduced to whatever it is I happen to put on this crappy page, unless you decide like most will to back out now as you wonder "How the Hell did I get here?" and "Why the Fuck do I wanna learn whatever it is you think you can teach me?" So go ahead! Leave! Find a page more suited to you and your petty beliefs while I sit here all alone, crying silently to myself and trying to figure out where everything went so wrong! -Sin

About Sinzation: I Am So Impure
Muzik : Goddamn This Noise Inside My Head
Various Linx: The Nicest Parts Of Hell
My Albert Rosenfield Appreciation Page: A Great Twin Peaks Character
Contact Me: Just Tell Me What You Want Me To

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